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Student Affairs

Iranian Students studying abroad can be generally categorized into the following:

Student who have been granted scholarships from the Ministries of Science, Research and Technology, 0r that of the Health and Medical Education, and whose fees and miscellaneous expenditures are covered by those establishments. This category of students is referred to as "Scholars"
Students who have travelled from Iran, upon being admitted to a self-funded BA*, MA*, 0r PhD program in an academic institution in the Netherlands, and whose place of residence is the IRI as registered in their passport, and who do not possess a permanent residence abroad. This category is referred to as "Independent Students".
Students who are residing abroad along with their parents and their place of residence is abroad, as registered in their passport. These individuals are known as "Resident Students".

Condition for making use of student benefits and facilities

Students of either of the above categories may apply for creating a Student Dossier and benefit from the subsequent student facilities, while observing the following:

Being a full-time student studying at least at the level of a BA. (Bachelor) student.
Possessing a "Student Residence Permit".
Abiding by the regulations of Military Service (i.e. holding a Conscription Termination card, document of exemption of 0r deferral due to full-time studies)
Submitting a transcript of grades and an overview of study progress from the University 0r academic institution.
Filling out a copy of form no. 401 for creating a student dossier.



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