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Department of Scholarship and Students dossier

1- Handling all the matters pertaining to the formation of students dossiers
2- Declaring the applicability 0r non applicability of student facilities to the Missions
3- Matters pertaining to endorsing foreign academic documents belonging to Iranian graduates that are issued abroad.
4- Matters pertaining to endorsing academic documents of the resident foreigners that are issued domestically.
5- Matters pertaining to Iranian student abroad ( applying for academic exemption from military service)
6- Matters pertaining to foreign students( issuance of certificate to apply for passport and visa)
7- Matters pertaining to foreign religious students-tolabs- ( issuance of certificate to apply for passport and visa)
8- Cooperation and coordination for holding joint consular conferences.
9- Cooperation and coordination for concluding scientific MOUs.
10- Matters pertaining to holding entry exams for state universities abroad.
11- Matters pertaining to Payam -e- Nour correspondence university (distance learning) abroad.
12- Matters pertaining to holding Azad University entry exam abroad.
13- Membership in the Council of Foreign Student Admission.
14- Membership in the working group governing private institutions active in sending students abroad.
15- Matters pertaining to evaluating and endorsing the competency of foreign universities.
16- Matters pertaining to long-term and mid-term scholarship granted by other governments.
17- Matters pertaining to scholarships granted to foreigners by the Government of the I.R. Iran.
18- Issuance of verbal notes to apply for visa ( scholarship student either long-term of mid-term)
19- Matters pertaining to scholarship students of other ministries and state organizations.
20- Matters of relevance to transferring Iranian students from overseas universities to domestic higher education centers.
21- Matters of relevance to transferring the spouses and the children of the government agents from overseas universities to domestic higher education institutions.
22- Matters of relevance to evaluating the competency of the individuals seeking employment (upon the request by other domestic bodies and organizations)
23- Variety of other matters (i.e. educational performance of Iranian students; complains from the organizations and the instructions dealing with sending students abroad ...etc.)



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